Nature’s Collection of  Fine Hardwoods

  • Vintage American Hickory

    By recreating the true Vintage look of classic American floors Vintage American Hickory produces a time honored look of Hand Chiseled Floors only found in much more expensive offerings. Each Vintage American Hickory plank is individually hand chiseled to create a random visual with no two planks ever looking the same.
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  • Castellum European Brushed Oak

    Castellum European Brushed Oak replicates the more desirable floors from Europe's Grand Castles. Our hand selected veneers are chosen for the random texture and graining to reveal open cracks, knots and character. The WearPlus UV Oil finish is formulated to provide a realistic naturally aged replica of Olde World visuals with a modern maintenance program.
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  • Urban Peaks

    The natural patina of ancient Hickory is tinted and enhanced to produce the very unique Middleton. Much like the city that bears it name, Middleton is a sophisticated modern look with old world history.
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Enjoy the warmth of wood with your family